Net Positive Life App

Enabling individuals, companies, and charities to have a net positive impact on the environment

Client Better Century
UN SDGs 12 Responsible Consumption And Production 13 Climate Action 15 Life On Land
ImpactUnited Kingdom
TechnologiesPHP, MySQL

01 Introduction

Better Century is a non-profit organisation focused on enabling individuals, companies, and charities to have a net positive impact on the environment. They aim to make it simple for people to understand the changes they can make in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint across areas like home energy use, transportation, food choices, and financial investments.

Better Century approached us to create the Net Positive Life app that would allow users to set goals and track progress towards having a net positive lifestyle. The app needed to appeal to consumers while also having functionality tailored specifically for businesses and charities looking to reduce their environmental impact.

The main objectives were to:

  • Help users understand changes they can make to be net positive
  • Set goals and track progress in home, transport, food, money
  • Appeal to consumers, companies and charities
  • Share progress and compare with others
  • Motivate long term sustainable actions

02 The Project

We designed the app to have distinct flows for individual users vs. organisations.

Individuals (including charities and companies on behalf of their employees and members) can register and indicate aspects of their lifestyle they want to improve across home, transport, food, and money. All users can then set goals with target dates, log completed actions, and share updates on social media. The app generates insights on the projected carbon impact of completed and pledged actions, allowing users to see and share their progress over time. Gamification elements like badges and leaderboards help motivate usage.

Organisations can plan its journey to being a net positive for nature and climate with confidence by utilising Better Century’s expertise of policy, planning, low carbon technology, natural climate solutions and communications.

Throughout development, we tested concepts and designs with consumer focus groups and participating companies to iterate based on feedback. The result is an easy-to-use, engaging platform that drives real behaviour change.

03 Conclusion

The Net Positive Life app empowers consumers, companies and charities to reduce their environmental impact. Early usage data indicates strong retention as users find value in tracking their progress and sharing with others. The app continues to expand its user base and repository of tips for sustainable living.


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