Sustainable Goal Tracker

Make London-based businesses more sustainable one step at a time with a new goals-based tool

Client Cross River Partnership
UN SDGs 13 Climate Action 17 Partnership For The Goals
ImpactUnited Kingdom
TechnologiesPHP, MySQL

01 Introduction

Cross River Partnership is a public-private partnership that delivers regeneration projects in employability, transport, culture and sustainability. They work with and on behalf of partners including London boroughs, Business Improvement Districts, landowners and more to ensure that the city works as well as it can do.

CRP approached AndAnotherDay to create Sustainable Steps as part of a Clean Air Villages 4 (CAV4) programme to help small businesses along their sustainability journey. CAV4 was a Defra-funded project led by Westminster City Council in collaboration with 26 project partners to improve air quality across different London ‘villages’, where air pollution and population density levels are high. In intention of Sustainable Steps was to help small- and medium-sized businesses in London operate more sustainably in manageable chunks.

The main objective of the project was to create a behaviour change tool which would allow users to make a simple assessment of their organisation and its procurement practices.

02 The Project

From the outset, it was decided that the user will be required to answer a series of prompts which would give them a set of actions they can take and pledges they can make. This initial set of questions will be set as baseline data against the user’s account which will be used to track progress each time they return.

The tool needed to be able to encourage users to return, celebrate progression and ultimately benefit the user and the wider community. It was decided the best way to do this was to send polite, weekly emails to each user to the remind them of the pledges they had made, if any were incomplete and if any were about to reach the deadline that they had set up.

The approach we undertook had to fit in with CRP’s existing tech stack, which would allow them to maintain the application themselves, if required, and host it on their own servers.

03 Conclusion

The project was delivered successfully and on time. There were no notable problems with the project to report.


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