Innovating For Sustainable Cities

Aligned with the UN’s eleventh Sustainable Development Goal, we create digital platforms to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Urban Infrastructure Monitoring

By deploying IoT sensors across urban infrastructure and transit systems, we can develop real-time dashboards and predictive analytics to optimise city operations, planning, and emergency response.

Public Safety Apps

We can build mobile apps that leverage crowdsourced data to map unsafe areas, report issues to authorities, and empower communities to take an active role enhancing local safety.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Using computer vision and machine learning on traffic camera feeds, we can help cities actively manage congestion, redirect vehicles based on incidents, and coordinate signals to reduce emissions.

AR City Experiences

Our augmented reality mobile apps can overlay navigation, historical, cultural, and sustainability information onto cityscapes to immerse residents and tourists in transformative urban experiences.

Citizen Engagement Platforms

We can develop inclusive digital forums and participatory budgeting platforms to connect city leaders and local communities, enabling collaborative city planning and governance.

Environmental Impact Dashboards

By gathering air quality, waste, energy, and other urban data streams, we can build interactive dashboards displaying key environmental indicators to guide policies.

We are using code to deliver future-ready cities.


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