Innovating For Reduced Inequalities

Aligned with the UN’s tenth Sustainable Development Goal, we build digital platforms to close gaps and promote inclusion of all people.

Digital Access Programs

We can develop mobile and web platforms to provide affordable internet access, digital literacy programs, and devices to underserved communities, helping bridge the digital divide.

Inclusive Finance Tools

Our AI and blockchain solutions can expand access to financial services for unbanked groups by powering digital IDs, payments, micro-insurance, loans and asset registries.

Healthcare Chatbots

We can build AI chatbots to serve as virtual healthcare assistants that provide underserved communities with access to health information, preliminary diagnoses, and connections to doctors.

Community Justice Apps

Our mobile apps can educate vulnerable communities on legal rights and connect them to legal aid resources. We can also digitise court records to increase transparency.

Anti-Discrimination Reporting

We can develop anonymity-based platforms and confidential helplines enabling employees and vulnerable groups to securely report workplace discrimination and harassment.

Inclusive Hiring Platforms

Our tools can remove unconscious bias in hiring processes by masking candidate profiles and leveraging AI to evaluate skills first. This can promote diversity and inclusion.

We work with our clients to build a just, equitable future enabled by technology.


Innovative digital products for organisations and businesses who align with the UN SDGs

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