Innovating For Partnerships

Aligned with the UN’s seventeenth Sustainable Development Goal, we create digital platforms to enable collaborations and knowledge exchange between diverse stakeholders for shared progress.

Sustainability Knowledge Networks

We can develop digital networks to connect sustainability professionals across sectors and regions to share best practices, synergise efforts, and accelerate coordinated solutions.

Global South Innovation Platforms

Our portals can facilitate peer learning and direct transfer of appropriate technologies between Global South countries to expand capabilities sustainably.

Blockchain For International Aid

By increasing transparency in aid flows, blockchain and smart contacts can build digital trust and accountability between donors, governments and communities to improve last-mile impact.

Crowdsourced Humanitarian Mapping

Our mobile apps can enable volunteers globally to collectively tag photos and contribute data points to open source maps, supporting rescue efforts after disasters.

Inclusive Innovation Challenges

We can leverage online platforms and data analytics to launch innovation challenges inviting unconventional talent from diverse backgrounds to co-create solutions focused on sustainability.

Virtual Exchange Programs

Using social VR technology, we can create virtual youth exchange programs bridging cultures worldwide through transformative immersive experiences and facilitated dialogues.


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