Innovating For Life On Land

Aligned with the UN’s fifteenth Sustainable Development Goal, we build digital platforms to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss.

Real-Time Wildlife Monitoring

By deploying sensors and camera traps with AI analysis in wildlife corridors, we can provide ranger patrols with real-time movement alerts to prevent poaching and protect endangered species.

Reforestation Optimisation Tools

We can develop planning and simulation platforms that integrate remote sensing, climate data, and growth models to identify priority areas for restoration and optimise plantings.

Agroforestry Knowledge Sharing

Our mobile apps can connect farmers with expert guidance and community forums to promote agroforestry practices that integrate trees into farmlands, increasing biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Responsible Sourcing Supply Chain Visibility

Leveraging blockchain, our platforms can track raw materials from origin to finished product, verifying responsible sourcing claims and driving transparency in complex supply chains.

Park Ecology Virtual Tours

We can build immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences that bring users up-close with fragile ecosystems to build emotional connections that inspire conservation.

Citizen Science Biodiversity Apps

Our mobile apps can crowdsource species observations, camera trap images, and ecosystem data from citizen scientists globally to support conservation efforts.

We help to develop solutions to nurture nature.


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