Innovating For Life Below Water

Aligned with the UN’s fourteenth Sustainable Development Goal, we create digital platforms to conserve and sustainably use the oceans and marine resources.

Ocean Plastic Monitoring

By integrating remote sensing data with AI object detection models, we can develop systems to monitor ocean plastic accumulation hotspots and track pollution levels over time.

Aquaculture Remote Sensing

Using satellite imagery and aerial drone data, we can provide aquaculture farmers with real-time insights into site conditions to enhance productivity and sustainability.

Seafood Supply Chain Visibility

Our blockchain platforms can track seafood from catch to consumer, ensuring regulatory compliance, preventing illegal fishing, and driving transparency in supply chains.

Marine Protected Areas Management

We can build web portals integrated with vessel tracking systems, ocean data, and patrol workflows to help authorities manage and monitor marine conservation areas.

AR Experiences For Ocean Education

Augmented reality apps that overlay computer vision-generated marine life onto environments can provide interactive ocean education to build awareness.

Open Ocean Mapping Platforms

Our apps can allow citizens to contribute geo-tagged ocean images and data to collaborative platforms, supporting crowdsourced mapping of uncharted waters.

With our clients, we create innovative solutions for healthy oceans together.


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