Innovating Digital Health Solutions

As an innovation agency specialised in building digital applications, we are focused on utilising technology to improve health outcomes worldwide.

Digital Therapeutics

We can develop engaging apps that serve as digital treatments for managing chronic conditions like diabetes, mental health disorders, and more. These therapeutics use behavioural nudges, AI, and gamification to drive adherence and behaviour change, improving health literacy and self-care.

Connected Diagnostics

By integrating IoT-enabled diagnostic devices with mobile apps and EHR systems, we can build platforms for remote patient monitoring and decentralised clinical trials. Patients can self-test and share data securely with their healthcare providers from anywhere.

AR/VR For Surgery

We can create augmented and virtual reality tools to assist surgeons before and during operations. From 3D mapping organs to immersive simulation for surgical training, AR/VR can enhance precision, minimise risks, and improve patient outcomes.

AI-Powered Triage And Diagnosis

Using natural language processing and neural networks, we can build AI chatbots to provide initial patient triage and facilitate access to appropriate care. For clinicians, AI can also help accelerate diagnosis by finding patterns in imaging scans and lab results.

Blockchain-Secured Health Records

Leveraging blockchain technology, we can develop decentralised identity and records management systems, ensuring patients stay in control of their personal health data. Smart contracts can automate access permissions to strengthen data privacy and security.

Logistics Optimisation

We can build smart supply chain platforms to track medications and medical supplies in real-time, minimising waste and shortages. Integrating with healthcare providers’ inventory and distribution systems, these platforms can optimise logistics and planning.

The right digital tools can profoundly impact public health. We look forward to co-designing secure, ethical solutions centreed on patients’ needs and care providers’ insights.


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