Innovating For Gender Equality

Aligned with the UN’s fifth Sustainable Development Goal, we can create digital platforms to promote gender equality and expand opportunities for women and girls.

Women's Safety Apps

We can develop mobile apps with emergency features and location tracking to improve women’s safety. Users could instantly alert friends, family and authorities if needed and access support resources.

Digital Financial Tools

Our mobile and web applications can provide women access to digital bank accounts, loans, and wealth management tools to improve financial inclusion and security. Machine learning can help assess credit risk.

E-Commerce Enablement

By integrating digital payments, logistics APIs, and marketing tools, we can build platforms to help women-owned businesses sell goods and services online, reaching new customers.

Gender Justice Platforms

Our web portals can provide legal resources to women and connect them to pro-bono lawyers, helping them access justice in cases of discrimination and gender-based violence. We can also build case management systems to assist courts.

Health Information Chatbots

We can develop AI chatbots to answer questions about sexual and reproductive health, providing teen girls and women accessible information privately to improve wellbeing. The bots can share guidance from healthcare professionals.

Flexible Online Work platforms

We can create digital platforms to connect women to flexible remote work and freelancing opportunities that accommodate caregiving duties and enable financial independence.

We build solutions that give women equal future opportunities.


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