Innovating For Clean Water And Sanitation

Aligned with the UN’s sixth Sustainable Development Goal, we can create digital platforms to improve access to water, sanitation, and hygiene worldwide.

Water Quality Sensors

By deploying IoT-enabled water sensors, we can build monitoring systems that provide real-time tracking of ground and surface water quality, enabling early detection of pollution and threats to human health.

Leakage Detection And Alerts

We can develop mobile apps that leverage IoT sensor data and machine learning algorithms to detect leaks across municipal water infrastructure and alert authorities to prevent wastage and disruption.

Automated Water Usage Tracking

Integrating smart water meters with cloud-based analytics, we can build systems to track water usage patterns across homes, farms, and industries, identifying optimisation opportunities to reduce wasteful consumption.

Water Marketplace Platforms

Our web portals can enable trading of water rights and allocation between agricultural, industrial, and municipal users to improve efficiency and accessibility especially during droughts.

Hygiene Mobile Games

We can develop fun mobile games to teach children healthy hygiene habits in water-scarce environments, like hand-washing, safe water storage, and more to prevent disease outbreaks.

Sanitation Service Connectivity

Our apps can enable on-demand sanitation services like septic tank cleaning by linking households to certified service providers, improving access and reducing exposure to untreated waste.

We’re building the next generation of digital solutions to responsibly manage water worldwide.


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