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Rolling out the rebrand from designs supplied in Sketch


October 2020

About The Client

Wiggin are a law firm that specialises in media, technology and IP who help their clients realise the value of their ideas in a digital age.

Their specialists predict the legal challenges that arise from the wealth of new ideas and technologies that the digital world is constantly creating. From Hollywood studios to early stage tech businesses, games developers to leading brands, they understand our clients’ needs and give informed advice in a jargon-free, real-world context.

About The Project

Wiggin LLP’s previous branding was looking tired and didn’t fully reflect the forward-thinking law firm that they are. MSL were asked to create a new brand style with Journey rolling it out across all printed media and templates whilst we were asked to roll it out across their digital platforms.

The previous website was already built in WordPress using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) to manage the structure and Composer to look after the updates. As this is our preferred approach we simply built on the existing fields with a brand new theme.

Designs were supplied to us in Sketch, but through our weekly calls with all parties involved we adjusted a few areas for legibility and usability that were overlooked in the flat mock-ups.

Initially, the project was intended to last for four months, but due to the client wanting to hold off a brand launch during the height of Covid it was delayed until October 2020. During this extension we were able to add more features to the site which had been penciled in for the first quarter of 2021.

Notable Features

The Home page animation was a challenge which we relished. Rather than relying on an video we took the supplied vector files, simplified them to a couple of thousand points and lines, relocated them on the server-side into a grid, then animated then using CSS and a small amount of JS. The original plan was to also cause a ripple effect as the visitors mouse hit the dots, but our experiments revealed the load time on the home page would be too great so we abandoned it.

Through-out the site we implemented a complex hierarchy of expertise areas, job roles and departments for the team members which is both simple to manage for the administrators and easy to use for the visitors.

We implemented a ‘synonym engine’ into search to help users find what they needed without the keywords being present. This helps avoid visitor disappointment and increases the chance of visitors converting to customers.

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