Where's Jerram?

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Time to step back

As of 1st September Jerram Marketing Limited closed to become AndAnotherDay. After 14 years in the driving seat, David Jerram decided it was time to step back.

All client projects, hosting, support and maintenance will all be looked after as they are now by Keiron. Keiron has started a new brand with a fresh new outlook called AndAnotherDay.

David is remaining on hand to ensure that the new venture is a total success, and that they have all the information they need to continue servicing existing client and supplier relationships.

New name, AnotherDay.

Keiron will be available as always to help answer any questions, but in the meantime here are some FAQ’s to help get things started:

We provide ongoing services to Jerram. What will happen to those?

Nothing. If you have an ongoing contract or service agreement with Jerram Marketing Limited, the management of the arrangements will be transferred over to AndAnotherDay. There should not be any break is service when this happens.

What if I have outstanding invoices to pay Jerram?

If you have outstanding payments due to Jerram Marketing limited, please pay them as normal.

The Jerram Marketing Limited bank account will remain open to receive payments, though we would appreciate it if you could pay within normal terms, please.

Have you and Keiron fallen out?

No, not at all. David is just stepping back and taking a break. Keiron is taking up the reins under his new brand and will be offering the same levels of care and attention to detail as always.