Helping start-up businesses market the right way – Strategy, brand and customer relationships.

Instant results are not sustainable – We drive future-proof organic growth online, which provides lasting customer relationships & organically attracted customers.

Beginning your marketing journey with AndAnotherDay sees sustainable online growth beyond 6 months.

We focus on the longer-term goals to deliver a self-sustainable, organic-driven online presence. Today’s outbound lead generating efforts are not enough and we’re here to ensure your business gains the visibility it deserves through appropriate online channels.

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Start-up Marketing Specialists

AndAnotherDay, a team of inbound marketers specialising in dealing with businesses that are start-ups, have marketing funds available or have a new product to market with a key industry experienced focus in Fintech, Tech & Finance companies.

Our solutions have helped companies that are saying things like:

  • I’ve just received funding for marketing on a new or existing product/service
  • I don’t know what digital marketing involves or where to start
  • I can’t see myself on the first page of google
  • I’m getting traffic but no one is making contact or buying
  • I don’t have the time or resources for in-house marketing
  • My brand is fairly unknown
  • There are too many competitors

If you’re also saying these things to yourself, then AndAnotherDay could have the right solution for you. Wrapped up in simple and easy to understand packages, our pricing is clear. We’ve thrown away the upfront cost, spreading it over a monthly fixed fee instead.

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We're Your Marketing Team

Marketing companies tend to provide a rigid service whilst remaining completely removed from your business. Our inbound marketing approach delivers success from within. We are an extension to your current, in-house team. We are your marketing team.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a term used to describe marketing efforts used to generate leads and traffic without the need to cold call, this way you attract customers who are at the correct stage of the buyer journey organically. This creates a better relationship between you and your customers and reduces time wastage. Our experts follow industry-leading inbound methodologies to achieve success by:

  • Getting seen on search engines
  • Increasing website visitors
  • Capturing the interest of your website visitors
  • Getting lead contact information
  • Nurturing visitors into a purchase
  • Increasing social engagement
  • Email marketing for the long and short term
  • Automating efforts to eradicate repetitive tasks
  • Delivering content to a targeted, precise audience

Inbound marketing requires a lot of in-depth research, analysis and planning. Using AndAnotherDay as an extension to your business is a perfect opportunity for you to focus more time on the things you care about most and leave your marketing woes to experts.

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Case Studies

Woodford Investment Management
Woodford Investment Management LLP was launched in 2014 and AndAnotherDay have worked with them from the outset. They are a high-profile investment fund company, whose transparent approach is a little different from the rest. Woodford needed a website that reflected that.

This included their brand, intranet, and public sites.

Life IT

Life IT is a technology support and consultancy business that supports a wide range of enterprise IT environments, specialising in IBM and Microsoft platforms. Life IT help organisations with large scale IT environments to tackle complex system requirements.

  • 176% Increase in organic traffic
  • 98% increase in overall performance
  • 240% increase in visitor conversions
  • 220% increase in leads
  • 30% reduction of bounced visitors

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Start-up Marketing Pricing

We’re very honest and open about our pricing. We use a points-based system where we allocate points to the set tasks with some left over each month for tasks of your priority or marketing priority. Whether it’s support or more content, you’ll not need to pay anything else.

Our points-based system runs on a monthly fixed fee, which is set at the beginning usually down to your requirements. Costs are spread evenly over 12 months meaning an upfront fee is not required.