Advanced Web Apps

What We Do

Our team of highly experienced, technical programmers and UX designers can take your concept into a fully-functional tool that you can use yourself, put it out to market, or both!

We have been building online applications for 20 years and we enjoy the challenge when asked to create something complex and unique.

Our Technologies

As well as ‘standard’ web technologies, such as PHP, JS, and CSS, we are skilled technologies that your average agencies can’t handle.

We can use server-side technologies, such as GraphQL to efficiently retrieve data from multiple resources via API calls. Node.js for querying the data on the server-side during runtime to help us to build scalable network applications. We can then use technologies, such as ReactJS to render the information seamlessly to the end-user, giving them an app-like experience.


Most of the projects we work for are either under strict NDAs or if we have worked via another agency, we can’t mention any names as they want to take the credit.

We have built complex financial data interfaces and incorporated data from services such as MorningStar, FinancialExpress and Northern Trust where data was either pulled over an API or extracted data from Excel documents before being rendered to either our customer or their end-users.

We have created custom CRM solutions where none of the options in the market suited our clients’ needs. It was built completely from scratch, using a PHP framework. Once this has been used by our client for a year we are hoping to help them get it to market.

We have created integrations between the physical world, via RFID chips and payment gateways (but that project is currently ongoing, so we can say much more).

We have also created our own dashboard, integrating many industry applications – once you become one of our clients you might get to see it!

Taking It To Market

Once we have built your application, we can help you get it out there and seen by the people who need to know about it.

To find out how we can build your perfect online application, support your agency or get an idea off the ground…

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