Website Development

What is Website Development?

Web development is the programming (often just referred to as coding) required to produce interactive software for an end-user. This is often split into front end and backend development.

From Idea to Production...

Below is a simple overview of the process we take to develop and deliver a website or web application:

  1. Initial brief/discussion – aim to understand what the project should do and what it should achieve in the long run
  2. Wire-framing – after a planning session(s); wireframes are created to help visualise user journeys, normally referred to as UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) and to ensure the approach meeting the project requirements as well as the users’ expectations
  3. Design – next the wireframes with go through a website design phase where the “skin” is added. Often this can be prototyped using tools like Invision to demonstrate the designs
  4. Development – at this stage, a developer or engineer will take the designs and convert them into a working website or application. This will include a front end (which is the front-facing pages that a user sees) and may include a backend which is where code that is executed on the server takes place, for example connect and pulling data from a database)
  5. Deployment – once the site has been built, it will be deployed to a dev server and secured, this is the first part of the DevOps (development and operations) process
  6. QA – quality assurance testing is performed to ensure the site meets the origin designs, the overall requirements and works in all agreed upon browsers and devices (often including mobiles and tablets)
  7. Client UAT – the site is now ready for you to review and can make further changes or approved for it to go live
  8. Deployment to production – lastly, once the site has been approved it can go live, the final DevOp process can begin, where it is moved to the live environment and tested for security
  9. SEO and marketing – further SEO or marketing work can commence on production, often including blog posts, social posts that link to pages, or paid advertising on search engines


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Why is Website Development Important?

Every consumer that interacts with a business in any way, 9 out of 10 times, will interact online first. Online presence is key to your business’ success and is one of the most profitable methods for a business. Our in-house experts have knowledge in the leading technologies for websites, web applications, mobile applications and best practices when building future-proof, scalable and user-friendly applications.

We design and build inbound-ready websites that can scale with your business, are accessible to all of your users across all common devices – using data-driven design and development decisions.


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How do I know what I need?

AndAnotherDay will work with you and support you with decisions in web development technologies that best accommodate your business needs.

We will help you understand the difference between front end and backend development and which technologies best suit your project. As well as guiding you through the process mentioned earlier. If you would like more information on any of these areas or would like to discuss anything with us we will be happy to chat with you.

What if I need changes after the website goes live?

As business needs change, your website should adapt to those requirements. Changes or additions to your website are inevitable, but don’t feel worried about this – we recommend change, keeping things fresh. Whether it’s addition pages, blog content, or changes to code to help make the user experience smoother; these are all changes that search engines like. It’s important that they see your site evolving and continuing to deliver useful content to your users, so this can help to increase your page rankings.

With our Support & Maintenance services, those changes can be handled quickly and effectively by our team and we work together to produce and improve a lead-generating, Search Engine Optimised, easy to navigate and cost effective website that carefully nurture your customers.