Brand Activation

Once the strategy is in place, we conduct a review and consultation to determine all the touchpoints – the places where your customers will come into contact with your brand – these can range from emails, website(s), to booklets, contact with company representatives, shops, exhibitions and so on. We list all these touchpoints, and review each one to discuss how the new brand might influence the way these materials are created, how they’re worded, how they look and how we can bring elements of the brand into each one, with the end goal of improving customer experience.

Once this list has been thoroughly thought-through, we can compile a roadmap for each touchpoint, ensuring we are not doubling-up on resources (re-using the same images etc.), minimising waste and creating consistent communications, using one voice across all touchpoints.

This process aligns your customers and their wants and needs with what makes your brand unique – making sure your brand stands out, in the places where it can.