Do Your Forms Still Work?

Website Support & Maintenance

Proffessional Website Support

Websites shouldn’t just be left alone once they have been built. If you use a CMS, such as WordPress, they need to be kept up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. It’s not as simple as clicking update, the code changes need to be fully tested on a non-public version of your site first for compatibility. The same applies to non-Wordpress sites which need to be maintained and improved on a regular basis.

AndAnotherDay provide professional website maintenance and support services, for organisations that take their web presence seriously. Whether you have a business-critical website or web application, or just want to make sure your site is secure, we can help.

We also offer a range of bespoke service levels from basic maintenance to permanent team support. We can cater for anything from simple monthly plugin updates to frequent testing and performance analysis. We recommend regular maintenance and site improvements and can work with you to make these changes, to ensure your site is performing at its optimum level. This is key too engaging your users and getting your message across.

Form Testing

Form testing should also be a critical part of a support package. Without it, you usually only know forms haven’t been getting through after it’s been broken for months and hundreds of potential enquiries have gone missing.

Do your forms still work? When did you last check them?

Security Updates

Security updates are also critical to keeping your website online, not flagged up as a threat by Google, blocked by Adw or the mail server used for spamming which results in it being black-listed.

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