Lead Generation

AndAnotherDay provide High-Quality Lead generation services to add to your overall marketing goals. Many business are unsure exactly what goes into marketing but one thing is well known among all, lead generating is the most important goal and provide key metrics in understanding whether your marketing efforts are working.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is an outbound or inbound marketing activity where it’s primary goal is to give you ,as a business, connection or conversation starter to a potential customer for a particular product or service. This is an important step for many businesses in their marketing strategy as it signifies a customers interest in your product in a number of ways.

  1. Providing contact details, such as, telephone number, email address & name
  2. Customer initiating first contact. This could be done via online chat, email or calling the business line.
  3. Displaying interest in certain product or service pages on multiple occasions. This is usually a current customer opening an email or browsing your site, displaying an interest in a particular page

Lead generation is an important cog to your marketing strategy, saving time and, if done well, improves the quality of leads coming through the inbound channels.

How we generate leads

Our lead generation services utilise a fool-proof method where our marketing experts apply a 3-step approach to your marketing plan.

  1. Content
  2. Capture
  3. Close

Content Sharing

We apply much of our inbound marketing strategy around content and getting your content into the path of the right audience. Sharing in places such social networks, public discussion forums, third-party websites and obtaining backlinks. We work with you and your team to understand the best topics to focus our marketing strategy.

Capture lead

Capturing your readers contact information is our main focal point and it’s here where we apply industry-leading techniques in capturing strong leads through Call-To-Actions, downloadable content, landing pages, data-capture forms, chatbots and more. Paired with strong copy writing experts we lead the way in persuading users that this is the product or service for them and in return they’re happy to provide contact details.

Close lead

Most sales teams will have a hold of those details at this point and in some cases, that works well but we’re all for marketing automation and converting a lead into a sales qualified lead. We work with your sales team in order to calculate when the right time a perfect lead has arisen, automating this marketing process allows us and you to focus more on each customer individually, instead of potentially ruining a future lead by calling them too soon.