What is Outsourced Marketing?

One of the most common terms we hear as a marketing agency is “Outsourced Marketing”. It seems that the Marketing industry has developed itself a reputation for people winning projects, and passing the work elsewhere for completion.

Not only this, it also seems that the term ‘Outsourcing’ in itself, still hasn’t shaken its negative connotations associated with its use.

What's the definition of "outsource"?

Obtain (goods or a service) by contract from an outside supplier 
“there can be no question of outsourcing components from other countries”

Contract (work) out
“you may choose to outsource this function to another company or do it yourself”

You may be asking yourself what the problem is with this – Allow us to explain!

What's Wrong With Outsourcing?

The connotations associated with include, but are not limited to, outsourcing implying a cold, impersonal transition from tenured, in-house employees to distant or temporary individuals who don’t fully understand your business, or external individuals who just aren’t as invested in your overall success as your own employees would be. Some believe outsourced marketing is used just to lower costs, not to add value or build business.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of outsourced marketing are:

  1. Reduce or control costs
  2. Gain access to Marketing tools unavailable internally 
  3. Free up internal resources
  4. Improve business visibility
  5. Accelerate projects 
  6. Access to marketing expertise unavailable internally

What Would You Suggest We Do?

When considering embarking on a journey with a marketing agency, freelancer or other bolt-on solution, we advise to not consider it as ‘Outsourced Marketing’. Instead, we recommend finding yourself a supplier who is prepared to not only work with you, but also to absorb, integrate and connect deeply with your internal culture to allow themselves to become an extension of you.

Ultimately, the better they can understand you, the better they can emulate your tone of voice, messaging and produce accurate, relevant and on-brand content for you.

Finding Yourself A Partner

The trick to finding yourself a true partner from the swathes of supplier options you are likely to be faced with is to keep an eye out for the ones who are more interested in finding out about you and your business from the ground up before inviting themselves for a coffee at your offices.

Also, the ones to watch are the agencies or freelancers who are prepared to be flexible about how much involvement they have in your projects.

For example, we have certain clients who prefer to keep us well away from their internal teams but will engage with us daily for a constructive, open and honest conversation about performance, next steps, and deliverables.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have worked with clients who have had us so involved in their projects that we have led their weekly sprint meetings which included their internal staff.

Whichever way you prefer to play, the relationship, flexibility, and passion for your success are what carry working with a true partner away from simply ‘Outsourced Marketing’.

How We Work

Our preference here at AndAnotherDay is to fully integrate with your team. The closer we can be, the better.

Internally as a team, we all work extraordinarily closely and collaboratively. If we can extend that cohesion to our clients and partner organisations, we feel this provides a much better platform on which to build a relationship.

With a better relationship, there is a much broader scope to produce much better-quality work.


So, the next time you consider reaching out for Marketing assistance, ask yourself: “Are we outsourcing? Or is this person willing to partner in?”

To speak to us about any upcoming requirements, or find out how we might be able to integrate with your team in-house, feel free contact us.

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