What Is HubSpot, And Why Do We Love It?

HubSpot isn’t just your average CRM. In a world full of businesses who rely on the ability to manage customer interactions for phenomenally high volumes of sales, CRM’s like Salesforce & Oracle have been at the forefront for longer than most can remember.

But, what happens when you take a high-performing CRM blueprint, and add endless capabilities in Sales functionality, Marketing capability, and even bolt on a facility to manage Service ticketing for good measure? HubSpot happens – which is why it has now secured itself as the third most popular CRM globally.

Lead Management System

The vast capabilities of HubSpot position it as far more than a CRM. It has now become capable of being the entire engine behind an organisation’s sales and marketing efforts, automating everything from trigger-based emails, to live chats and lead capture all under one bright, simple icon. HubSpot describe themselves as a ‘Lead Management System’. This term encompasses everything from a first-time website visitor to a convert lead, all the way to a repeat customer. And the software is built in such a way that makes this process sleek, simple, intuitive and comprehensive.

So, Why Do We Use HubSpot?

The list of reasons we chose HubSpot in-house is long, but can be summarised in a few very concise points:

  • It is all-encompassing.
    As we mentioned earlier in this article, if you name a marketing or sales activity that needs to be carried out or measured, HubSpot can do it.
  • It’s incredibly simple and intuitive.
    HubSpot is so unbelievably simple to use, that even users with no prior experience of it can get it to work on a fundamental level. Granted, they will, by no means, be realising HubSpot’s full potential, but they will be able to simplify every day tasks.*
  • Built in prospecting tools & lead tracking.
    HubSpot’s built-in lead tracking & scoring system is bolstered by an extremely simple prospecting tool, that displays visitor information and details of their session into the same window as your contact database and allows you to easily add in the new data with one click.
  • It’s a central point for all activities.
    Imagine being able to have all of your social accounts, blogging activity, live chat functionality, analytics & reporting, a simple CMS and your CRM all in one place – HubSpot grants that wish. Furthermore, it allows you to automate nearly all of these activities
  • GDPR Compliance
    Aside from all that we have mentioned so far, all of HubSpot’s features have been built with GDPR legislation in mind, and therefore it is all compliant from the outset. This makes life incredibly easy.
  • Excellent Support & Resources
    All HubSpot packages and subscriptions come with the facility for 24-hour support either by live chat, email, or you can request a phone call to assist you if you get stuck. The response times are incredibly quick, allowing you to seek help without disturbing your momentum too much. Whether you are a copywriter, marketing manager or a sales rep – nobody can afford to waste much time in their day.

“We recommend HubSpot as their tools combine Email Automation, Lead Generation, Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media and more in an innovative and intuitive way making inbound marketing achievable with every team.”

Sandy Garrido, Studio Manager


Whether you are a large enterprise with thousands of customer interactions per day, or a start-up hoping to find a way to attract, engage and delight high volumes of new business to drive growth, HubSpot has something for you. Not only that, but it is also a true pleasure to use on a daily basis.

It would be well worth having a read of HubSpot’s own article, Why Go HubSpot? for a more in-depth run through of it’s capabilities.

If you are considering a new CRM and are looking for something ‘more’, we would be more than happy to have an open and honest conversation around the pro’s and con’s for HubSpot for you specifically. Please get in touch with us via the contact page.