It’s Oh So Quiet… Where Have We Been Since April?

Hello. It’s been a while. We’re not going to dive into the ‘unprecedented times’ spiel or show you some screenshots of us on Zoom. But we definitely owe you an update. Our last blog was a good few months ago and it seems that so much has changed with us and the world since then.

Thankfully, AndAnotherDay has stayed busy with exciting client work, welcoming new members to the team, and also putting some serious thought into who we are as an agency. This soul-searching has been good for us, and has allowed us to come together and agree a laser-sharp focus on what we do and where we want to go.

So maybe this is a good time to reintroduce ourselves.

We are AndAnotherDay, a development team dedicated to designing and building enterprise-class digital products for clients who want the best from technology.


We still love marketing, we still appreciate the power of a rock-solid CMS solution, and we’ll still dive into the intricacies of good SEO. But for the most part, we are a technical team and that’s what’s in our blood. More than ever, we are focused on delivering fully-functional solutions. Whether that’s PHP, Node.js or React, we are approaching the end of 2020 with a clear ambition to welcome new clients and nurture our current clients, ensuring we solve complex problems with beautiful solutions.

For the record

In case you missed it, we welcomed Kieran Kearney to the growing AndAnotherDay technical team a little earlier in the year. Armed with a level 3 apprenticeship in Software Development, Kieran is an avid front-end developer and no stranger to agency life, having worked on numerous client projects.


In between the client work, we’ve been busy building an incredibly powerful project management dashboard for clients and agencies to see the status of projects, raise support tickets and to have a general overview of their websites and digital products. That’s just about all we can tell you for now, but we’re looking forward to sharing more as this comes to life!


We’ve also been putting our beautiful space to good use by not only introducing VR and gaming tech to the studio, but exploring what AndAnotherDay VR capabilities may look like, whilst also experimenting with some fun JavaScript games too. Aside from music, gaming is close to our hearts and combined with our development experience, we know we can build some really cool stuff here.


And finally, we’ve been able to refine our processes too. In a world of the sprint, the remote worker, and the agile agency, we know there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to project management. We’re quite lucky in the fact that if there isn’t a tool out there suitable for what we need to do, we can build it ourselves. And it shouldn’t be any different for processes. We are building an agency that works for us and ultimately delivers the best possible experience to our clients too.

But it’s not all about us. We’d love to hear from you. What have you been working on across the last few months? What have you been listening to? What are your current technological challenges? Let us know in the comments below.