HubSpot CRM; 38 Reasons Why It’s The Best CRM

In today’s society, we’re all trying to find ways to make our lives easier through efficiency. The HubSpot CRM is exactly that by design. 

As a marketing agency, we were challenged right from the get-go, time was of the essence and we had to streamline our communication and marketing efforts. It was very early on that we decided to embark the partner program and become a certified HubSpot Partner and with this, we’ve decided to share with you 38 reasons why HubSpot CRM is the best CRM.

We hope that by getting to this point in the article, you will have heard of this CRM before. If not, I recommend you head over to our What is HubSpot article, which gives just a brief introduction to familiarise yourself. That should put you in a good position to understand exactly what we’re about to tell you.

The HubSpot CRM is more than just a CRM

Here at AndAnotherDay, we needed to reduce the number of systems we were using on a daily basis. For many other companies from all industries worldwide, whether they are a start-up business or a well-established enterprise, the problem of too many systems rings true throughout.

Customer Relationship Management – this usually refers to only the communications with your customers. We think to call it a HubSpot CRM is unfair to the software, as it does much more than just manage communication with customers. HubSpot themselves call it a Lead Management tool and we agree that this particular CRM solution is more about the amalgamation of leads & customer relations combined.

The HubSpot CRM system manages to bring your service, sales and marketing teams closer in alignment by combining essential tools into a single application window. If you’ve not thought about including it in your marketing strategy, you could be selling yourself short.

1. Seamless HubSpot Integrations

With over 200 tools that integrate with HubSpot, making a switch is done with ease. We’re able to connect our teams slack and get instant updates and notifications from tasks to live chat.

Lead generation tools such as Survey Monkey and Typeform can attach it’s data to your customers history. We’re especially a fan of HubSpot’s Salesforce integration as making a switch from Salesforce could have been made much more difficult, now, we’re able to sync data to and from Salesforce with HubSpot.

HubSpot Integrations

2. The HubSpot Marketing Hub

Whether you’re outbound marketing focused or inbound marketing focused, the HubSpot Marketing Hub contains tools that enhance your overall marketing strategy. It provides you with the ability to create landing pages, simple or complex, Capture leads at appropriate points of the buyer’s journey and automate the lead nurturing efforts converting them to the next step of the customer journey through a predefined scoring system or path.

3. The HubSpot Sales Hub

As a sales rep, you’re tasked with converting leads into sales and then repeating business. This becomes simplified with the use of live chats and bots with preset responses and sequence automation; for example, sending sequenced outreach emails. Deals are managed through a pipeline tracker in a ‘kanban board’ format, streamlining your sales process whilst giving you overall visibility across your entire sales team, setting goals, organising data and keeping you on track to deliver results. Sales enablement as a service is real – HubSpot Sales Hub provides the ability and knowledge to do just that.

4. The HubSpot Service Hub

Having an impeccable marketing strategy that utilises HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, combined with your sales team making the most out of HubSpot’s Sales Hub to connect your product or service to the customer is a great way to start a relationship. The Service Hub continues to delight your customers beyond the point of sale.

Service Hub gives you the ability to offer first-class support & knowledge to people on a small or large scale as you now have the ability to automate the menial tasks, measuring and reporting along the way. NPS surveys that give your company insights into your customers’ thoughts and feelings, allowing you to act and make positive changes.

5. How can I master HubSpot & Inbound Marketing? - HubSpot Academy

HubSpot’s resources are endless. The HubSpot Academy gives you free access to online certifications, documentation and training videos on not just the HubSpot CRM, but on Inbound as a marketing methodology.

Courses are delivered in video format and come with a video transcript. Email Marketing certification is one of the first courses we all took and it did not just give us an insight into email marketing, but how to use HubSpot to its full email marketing capacity. The test was fairly challenging but we all received our certification which I can proudly use in the public eye with worldwide recognition.


HubSpot Academy - Learn HubSpot

6. HubSpot Can Measure, Analyse & Adapt - Leaving Big Decisions To You

Analytics to the Nth degree, traffic, contacts, company, content. SEO effort tracking with a tracking URL builder, not forgetting campaign analytics. As a digital marketing agency, understanding the figures & statistics can be challenging but HubSpot supplies premade dashboards or configurable dashboards, making trends visible in an instance.

HubSpot Analytics and Reporting - Deals

7. Contacts & Companies

Contacts and companies align with many predefined properties that can be completed by your team or automatically entered using lead capture forms. The ability to add custom properties that are relevant to your business, these can be: text inputs, checkboxes, dropdowns, date pickers, files, calculations, scores, numbers, and the list goes on.

Everything is tracked from emails & phone calls to web visits and downloads. Linking up your phone with the HubSpot app allows calls to begin from within the HubSpot CRM. It’s the perfect contact manager!

8. Contact & Company Lists

HubSpot Lists, sound simple are simple but have hundreds of filters. Lists can be static or dynamic. A Dynamic list means that once you’ve set the list criteria or filter and a new contact or company is entered or meets that criteria then they are automatically added to that list. This is extremely useful when segmenting contacts into industries or likes and dislikes.

9. Gmail & Outlook Email Tracking Integration

Contact information stored in HubSpot appears directly inside your email client. HubSpot makes it easier to understand your email interaction when sending that all-important proposal to a prospect. Easy to set up, HubSpot for Gmail has been key for us in understanding how interactive a prospect is with our emails.

10. Conversations Within HubSpot

Email is the primary business channel used today. HubSpot connects all your conversations in one inbox. We’re able to engage with people via live chat, respond to forms and even connect your Facebook Messenger all within one easy-to-use inbox. 

HubSpot Conversations - Email chat forms facebook messenger

11. Lead Capturing Chatflows & Chatbots

Most CRM companies have some kind of live chat system. HubSpot’s live chat has the capability to host a conversation to capture information without input from a sales rep or service team. Showing on certain pages or to certain audiences, for example returning customers could see a different automated chatflow, giving your team some breathing space and not having to instantly jump onto responding to someone.

HubSpot Chatflow Workflow Builder

12. Ad Management

To date, there are numerous advertising channels, primarily social advertising. Common inbound marketing teams would usually head over to each individual channel to configure campaigns. HubSpot’s Ad Management allows you to connect Facebook, Google and LinkedIn and display performance within the same dashboard. You can even manage your facebook pixel and audiences.

Workflows allow leads & subscribers to receive messages automatically.

HubSpot Ad Management Analytics

13. Social Post Efficiency

HubSpot Social will allow you to manage all your social accounts with no additional application. This is such a crucial part of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. Schedule your post across multiple platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram. You have the ability to see new followers, interactions & your conversations. All of them, in the same feed.

HubSpot Social posting application

HubSpot’s social calendar, with its beautiful sleek design, allows us to see what’s gone and what’s coming up in monthly, weekly & daily views. As a digital marketing agency, we can use this to ensure we’ve met our social output in a glance.

HubSpot Social Calendar

14. Calendar

As well as the social calendar, there’s an overarching display that hosts more than just social. It shows new blogs, landing pages, emails sent, tasks and campaigns. This little tool is exactly what we look at every day to see what’s planned for the day or week ahead. It also gives the team an insight into the coming months.

15. The Best CRM For Lead Capture Forms

What can we say about HubSpot’s forms is that they are lead capture machines. An inbound marketing agency must-have. Create forms within the HubSpot CRM and simply drop the JavaScript snippet in and it’ll render for you. You have a host of appearance options or code your own style. 

Each field can be assigned to a contact or company property, Email, Social, Conversion information and so much more. If you’ve not set up workflows for automated responses, no problem. HubSpot has a follow-up feature that will allow you to send a simplified email straight after it’s been submitted. 

HubSpot: Taking Control Of GDPR

How do you stick within GDPR rules? HubSpot forms have you covered with options such as; submit as consent, checkbox consent or legitimate interest options that lay the legal text right under your form.

HubSpot Forms with GDPR compliance

16. Call-to-Action personalisation

Create beautiful, trackable CTA’s with many possibilities, such as redirecting to another URL, going straight to a member’s meeting scheduler, linking to a file, email address or phone number. Tracking who’s clicked and when. Oh, and you can track this as part of a campaign, too.

31 Call-to-Action Examples You Can’t Help But Click

17. SEO made simple with HubSpot

Research topics and keywords for your blog or general content. HubSpot is the front-runner in educating the world in search engine techniques such as topic pages, or pillar pages. Add a topic and discover other recommended topics whilst viewing it’s monthly search volume and understanding it’s ranking difficulty. It has data from multiple countries in case you’ve got sites in more than just one location. 

Track your topic against a page of your site as well as the content itself. Why spend extra on other SEO tools when you have a perfectly useful one in HubSpot? It’s all you need. As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we use this Search Engine Optimisation tool for our clients to better understand how they’re doing and it’s just what they need without an overcomplicated dashboard.

Have a read of our article on Pillar Pages for SEO: The Rise Of The Pillar Page

18. Campaigns

We hear customer stories and we show them what HubSpot offers, the complete package from start to end.

HubSpot’s campaign reporting is the pinnacle of your inbound marketing strategy, combining content marketing, email marketing, landing pages, lead capture, social media, and advertising. Instead of manually gathering all your data from multiple sources, HubSpot will display reporting dashboards relevant to a specific campaign. All of HubSpot’s tools can be married up to a campaign, efficiency at it’s finest. This gives you more time to focus on analysing data and making the right changes.

How HubSpot Enables Successful Inbound Marketing Campaigns

19. Projects

Think of projects as a checklist, somethings just require many actions – projects make this simpler. For example, if you need to host a webinar to convert those leads, this project template will ensure you do not miss a step.

For all to see, you can assign, make a note, add a comment and set a due date. HubSpot has hundreds of templates for you to use.

HubSpot Projects - HubSpot Checklists

20. Deals To Pay the Bills

Being a sales rep can mean juggling a host of things in your sales pipeline. HubSpot Deals visualise your pipeline in ‘kanban board’ style. Create a deal (a potential sale), set figures and watch it throughout its lifecycle.

21. Tasks

Inbound marketing and sales can get a bit hectic at times, especially for larger teams. Tasks in HubSpot can be created to remind you or your fellow colleague to follow-up with Mr Client or call Sophie back about that deal. Tasks can be visible just like deals, in a Kanban-style board or a table. If a task has been completed, it can set off another task in task queues.

22. Documents

Uploading documents is easy. HubSpot, as we’ve mentioned before, is all about doing things with ease and surgical-level analytics. Upload a document, share and track it’s usage, views & visitors. You’re even able to create a shareable link, with a GDPR option. 

This GDPR feature is, in our eyes a game-changer. You are able to link directly to a PDF of your landing page but then it’ll ask for an email address with consent to view it, instead of the other way around, giving an email address and then clicking the download link. This way you’re able to see who was initially interested.

HubSpot Documents - GDPR Compliant

24. Service Tickets

Support your clients with an inbound support ticketing and help-desk system. Attach an email inbox and manage your support through its lifecycle, set priorities, assign contacts and a support agency. HubSpot has preset kanban-style columns but you can customise this to suit your specific requirements.

25. Knowledge Base Application

Create extensive FAQ resources with a front-facing, fully customisable interface knowledge base. This can integrate with your chatbots and flows, giving your visitors instant responses with answers from your knowledge base automatically. Knowledge Base includes a customer feedback template which can trigger emails and workflows in order to keep your visitors and customers happy!

26. HubSpot Workflow Automation

We’ve got a lot to say about workflow automation, we’ve even written an article comparing a competitor, Mautic Campaigns. HubSpot Workflows are by far the most intuitive and advanced Marketing Automation tool. It’s easy to create workflows for any occasion, such as automatic replies on form submissions, subscriber welcome drip emails, NPS surveys, internal task automation, client onboarding and much more. With its linear builder, you can trigger enrollment manually or automatically based on company, contact, deals, ticket or even quote. 

HubSpot Workflows Vs Mautic Campaigns

A good example would be a subscriber who initially signed up for blog updates keeps revisiting your site. Setting a trigger of 5 pricing page views could enroll this user into an email campaign that seeks to convert by sending multiple emails over a long period of time. The user could then interact with one of the emails which would trigger a task for sales to contact them. It’s really as simple said as it is done.

HubSpot Workflow Enrollment Triggers

27. Sales Sequence Automations

HubSpot has clearly separated the workflow tool for the sales team, similarly, you can automate outreach emails in sequence to gauge interest without your sales team having to retype the same outreach email, time and time again. Another good example is sending an “are you looking for something?” email if they’re an existing customer and have frequently visited your website

28. HubSpot Marketing Emails

Send mass marketing emails, close client emails, save emails for automation only and schedule for certain times. You’re also able to schedule at 9 am local to each individual contact

Fully customisable emails built within HubSpot using the HubSpot CMS or HubSpot’s drag and drop feature that comes with a host of templates. This integrates with your mailer and can send emails directly from any chosen email address within your set domains. All unsubscribed users will automatically be excluded with HubSpot’s built-in GDPR abider.

HubSpot Email editor

Sticking with Emails here, I have to mention the reporting that comes with this feature. engagement, time spent viewing, opens & clicks by client, most engaged users and so much more.


HubSpot Email open Reporting and analytics

29. HubSpot File manager

Host every file you could possibly use for your emails, social posts and even assets for the website. We host our own website fonts on HubSpot files which stores directly on their CDN and load times are impressive. You can replace a file with a different name and HubSpot will automatically redirect the old URL to the new URL

HubSpot Documents

30. HubSpot Design Tools

A key reason why HubSpot is the best CRM

HubSpot’s Design tools (or design manager) is at the heart of all your content, emails, landing pages and blogs. It gives designers, developers and even you, the ability to create beautiful websites, natively responsive with flexibility. 

Modules can be developed and used in a drag and drop format. What this means is that we are able to develop all the required modules we need, for example, a quote with a link to the source, formatted in a fancy way to reuse the same code anywhere we want. A content editor could essentially build a landing page using different pre built modules without any coding knowledge.

HubSpot Code Editor Environment IDE


Think of Designs Tools just like any other code IDE, you’ve got your file explorer, file manager, layout editor, inspector, code & module editor. Edit and create using CSS, JavaScript & HTML Our goal with Design tools as AndAnotherDay is to develop very well in order for a content editor to be able to focus solely on content.

It’s very easy to use with a little bit of coding knowledge and HubSpot Academy has a course on the CMS as a whole. Here’s a drag and drop template where the modules are either premade or developed by our developers.

HubSpot Drag and Drop CMS development

31. HubL - HubSpot's very own templating engine

HubL is HubSpot Markup Language, primarily based on Jinja. It’s templating engine which renders server-side allowing you to talk to databases and pass information through to the front end. If you’re used to templating engines then we can only suggest that it’s very similar to Handlebars. HubL makes coding in Design Tools extremely easy and manageable.

32. HubSpot Blog Pages

So, we’ve talked about the design tools and what it’s capable of. One of those things are blog pages. You’ve built your website but now you want to be able to spin up new blog articles. This feature is absolutely in favour of the content editor, assuming modules and templates have been developed to a high standard.

An editor has free reign of content creation. Control of the layout by moving modules such as images and form boxes where they see fit whilst being contained in the branding and website them from the template.

Reporting is the other key thing for blog pages as they’re separated from normal web pages and have it’s own group of analytics, giving you performance information for blog pages, such as top-performing

33. Landing Page, The HubSpot Way!

Landing pages are very similar to blog pages in terms of it’s editing capabilities. What’s different here is the goal. Normally, we use landing pages to drive conversions and that’s exactly what the reporting element on HubSpot’s landing pages bring. Content creation has never been easier than with HubSpot’s CMS.

Having landing pages, blogs, web pages, etc sat within HubSpot allows major personalisation as it sits directly on top of your customer data. What does that mean for HubSpot CRM? Well, it means you can have localised pages without creating multiple pages, introduce your customer with their name on the landing page, they’ll be amazed and feel really welcome!

HubSpot Landing Page reporting

34. Asset Marketplace

If all the above sounds too complicated, developing modules, coding, IDE, HubL… HubSpot Asset Marketplace is full of premium templates for emails, landing pages, blog pages, and even websites. It’s less of an app marketplace but more of a template marketplace. Zero to HubSpot in no time. 

Or maybe you’re like us, very advanced in development and have a module you’d like to share. Pop it on the marketplace and allow other HubSpot users to take advantage of your efforts, paid or free.

HubSpot Asset Marketplace

35. HubDB, An integrated database

HubDB is the missing link between your entire website and a database. In this case, there is no need to use a 3rd party database as you can create tables within HubSpot and use the data in your templates, running loops using HubL.

Using the HubSpot Academy, we’re taught how to loop through a database and display them. Here’s how the table looked after completing HubSpot’s CMS for Developers Certification.

HubDB table example

36. HubSpot API

So you’ve got all your data inside HubSpot but you want it to integrate with your company’s software, whether it be deals, support, customer and contact data – anything. HubSpot API opens up HubSpot to be viewed, created and edited from anywhere. The API Docs are thorough and easy to navigate. We found authentication to be easy & many calls are available with a generous rate limit.

37. HubSpot Support

We can not end this long list without a special mention to the guys at HubSpot. Their support is amazing. Sometimes, we like to just get a quick answer and that’s possible with the live chat. More often than not, my problem is resolved in the first contact!

38. HubSpot’s Resource For Tools And Templates

HubSpot Tools is a free resource centre, prividing useful generators and templates to help you get started on your path to inbound success. A whole range of tools such as Persona creator, Email Signature generator, blog ideas generator and even a career assessment tool.

Is HubSpot the best CRM? It’s the best lead management tool!

Drawing our 38 reasons why HubSpot is the best CRM to a close. It’s clear that whilst not a single person may touch every angle of HubSpot, it is very possible that your customer interactions will touch every angle. Our team here works flawlessly together with the right overlaps and automation reducing repetition. We’ve tried others but it’s the application, the academy & support that make this a wholesome tool to work with. HubSpot is available with free plans to more premium plans so start with what is right for you.

As a partner agency, we’re here to help you get set up with HubSpot should you wish to choose it.

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