How HubSpot Enables Successful Inbound Marketing Campaigns

In this week’s edition of our HubSpot article series, we delve into how and why HubSpot is great for the management and execution of powerful, successful campaigns.

If we think of marketing execution as a funnel, it can be stylised like this:


It's Intuitive

As we have said in the past, HubSpot is extremely intuitive. With the right nurturing and support, it is easy to configure it to do exactly what you, as a user, will want and how best to do it. The interface and all of its suites are remarkably user-friendly.

Whether it is a simple process such as automating a response email to a newsletter subscriber, or a more complex Smart Content campaign, it will be an easy task. Everything just does exactly what you would expect, and what it should do.

Tasks and process flows are incredibly  streamlined, allowing you to draw together the threads of a very broad campaign in just a few hours’ worth of work.

Pulling the threads together

By pulling all the threads of a campaign together, HubSpot will give you a very easy overview of entire campaigns in simple windows. We have mentioned before that HubSpot is a central point for all activity. Conversion rates, visitor information, route-to-visit analytics, blog performance, social engagements, contact performance, sales performance and traffic analytics can all be summarised in a single report.

In terms of  running a campaign, having all of this information readily available is invaluable. Allowing yourself to monitor and adjust the campaign direction to align it with what works and distance yourself from the actions that hinder its success.

Market-leading lead capture

To execute a successful campaign, you need data. Through the use of HubSpot, landing pages, forms and trackable CTA’s can be created – allowing  you to very quickly build a database of reliable, accurate and targeted information. Once you have obtained this, you are ready to kick off your campaign.

The data you collect can then be automatically sorted into appropriate active lists, which will prevent content reaching the incorrect audience. This links back to Smart Content, which we touched on earlier in the article.

Once your lists have been sorted, you are ready for automation.


How do you currently think of automation? Auto emails? Spamming large lists of data with a mailshot? Timed social posting? 

To some degree, you are correct. However, HubSpot introduces a whole suite of tools and an engine to drive it all for you. You are able to set up trigger-based workflows, email sequences and posts that will be started by something as simple as a form submission. These sequences can be set to break if a contact takes a desired action, or continue until a fail point. Confused?

Let’s give an example.

For an initial outreach email, you may programme a four-step sequence that would look something like this:


HubSpot Sequence - Outreach Example

1. Send initial outreach email

2. IF no response or contact within 3 days, send Outreach Follow up email.

3. Again, IF no response or contact within a further 3 days, send Final outreach email.

4. By this point if the user still has not responded, we deem the user uninterested and we’ll end the sequence here.
By enrolling contacts this way, sales teams can  spend their time dealing with the contacts who reply, instead of wasting time chasing people who are not interested. This can all be done, without an employee needing to touch the sequence at all. Overall, this will streamline sales processes and save valuable time and effort. Creating sequences in this fashion enables you and your team to align HubSpot with your strategy to the dot, and execute said strategy seamlessly, easily and effectively.


If you are at the consideration phase for a solution to automate your marketing campaigns, it would be well-worth investigating HubSpot. If in-house resource or expertise are of concern, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a HubSpot partner to set it up for you. In the long term, it may be that you wish to enlist a partner to manage HubSpot in its entirety on your behalf. If this is the case, please feel free to get in touch, or give us a call.

If you wish to delve a little deeper into Inbound Marketing as a whole, you’ll find more here.

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