A ‘Positive’ Update: Tech Zero, Net Zero and Oxfordshire Greentech

Last year, you may have seen that we joined 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of our annual gross sales to supporting environmental non-profits. Whilst that was a big commitment for us, it’s really just the beginning in our climate positive journey.



We are now committed to Tech Zero

AndAnotherDay has joined Tech Zero, a group of UK technology businesses who work together to fight the climate crisis. By joining Tech Zero, we make a commitment to measuring our scope 1-3 emissions. We also commit to being net-zero by June 2022.

We can do this by limiting our carbon footprint and publicly reporting our progress every year. With this comes an additional responsibility to communicate our climate commitments to our clients.

Tech Zero was founded by companies such as Bulb, Starling Bank, Babylon Health and many more. It’s great to see so many big hitters getting behind this effort, and it’s also reassuring to see that it’s supported by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.



As tech companies, we are in an interesting position. We can’t do what we do without computing power, and often lots of it. So if anything, we have a greater responsibility. But we do have the voice, the skills and the resources to make big changes in how we work with technology. We must ensure that we are mindful, progressive in our approach, and acutely aware of the dangers of climate change.

If you’re a tech business, we encourage you to join Tech Zero, or at the very least, start on your journey to net zero.

You can read more about Tech Zero here.


We are now part of Oxfordshire Greentech

Big, global accreditations are great, but local-level networking can be powerful too. We recently joined Oxfordshire Greentech, a business network that supports the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire. It was their core aims that attracted us to their network, including:

  • Supporting local organisations in the development of services and products that enable low-carbon resilient lifestyles
  • Facilitating cross-sector collaboration through forums and partnership working
  • Providing a platform for members to showcase how they are creating a low-carbon, sustainable world



The low carbon sector in Oxfordshire alone is worth £1.2bn per year, and represents 7% of the county’s economy. By joining we are able to build connections with like-minded businesses, demonstrate our own knowledge and expertise, and showcase the exciting work that we are doing as a business.

Once again, we encourage you to join networks like this, or your local equivalent. 

Learn more about Oxfordshire Greentech here.



A word from our Founder, Keiron Roberts

“We have a tremendous task ahead of us, and we can do so much more as a community. The planet is in dire need of radical change, and businesses large and small have a responsibility to limit the damage we do. Whether that’s monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, working with ethical suppliers, or using your voice to inspire others, we should partner and collaborate to make a greater impact.

“First, we joined 1% for the Planet, then we joined Tech Zero and Oxfordshire Greentech. But we are only really getting started. AndAnotherDay are committed to making the world a better place, and inspiring others to do the same.”


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