9 July 2019

10 Sales Lead Generation Commandments

Sales Lead Generation

We’re skipping the intro and getting straight to the point, here are 10 commandments that will make your sales lead generation work.

1. Have A Contact Number

It may seem counterintuitive to have added a phone number onto a website, especially if you sell a digital product. But by having a number that you’re easily accessible on creates consumer trust and lends credibility to whatever product or service you’re offering. It doesn’t matter if your consumers call or not, just having the option to call makes all the difference.

2. Post Forms On Every Page

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is an outbound or inbound marketing activity where it’s primary goal is to give you, as a business, connection or conversation starter to a potential customer for a particular product or service. Learn more about Lead Generation

Popping a form on pretty much every page is paramount to increasing the number of viable leads through your website. Don’t go overboard in the first instance though; the less information you ask for on the first step, the more likely you are to have it filled in.

HubSpot does a fantastic online form builder which can create smart forms that adapt the questions to your website visitor, and to use progressive profiling, which allows you to show new questions to returning visitors. This is great as it means that you can gain the consumer’s trust in the first instance by not asking for too much information, but the next time they visit your website, the form will ask different questions that you need the answers too.

*Top tip – putting sales lead generation forms above the fold will increase the likelihood that customers will notice them and fill them out. Especially if there are visual cues such as arrows and an enticing offer such as a free quote.


3. Add Photos And Testimonials

Testimonials can make or break a brand. If you don’t have positive testimonials, you’re unlikely to instil trust and confidence in your brand. Having positive testimonials proves to other potential customers that your product or service is worth investing in.

However, to take it that one step further, add photos or even rich media such as video or audio. While rich media may be a little too bandwidth-heavy for sales lead generation websites, solid testimonials can have a powerful impact and lend support to your offer.

BioClarity’ cruelty-free, plant-derived skincare line is about one thing: being green. Green is all over the website, and its Instagram is covered in images of people applying green serums to their faces.

In this case, pictures serve as better testimonials than words — but BioClarity still uses both. On its results page, visitors can see transformation photo collages of customers before and after using the product, as well as enthusiastic videos and words of recommendation — all in a soothing green theme.

4. Make Your Videos Speak To The Website Visitor

This isn’t a new idea; brands need a video marketing strategy. Video is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan, it’s central to your outreach and campaign efforts.

It bridges the gap between online and off-line commerce, as well as greatly increasing conversion rates, especially e-commerce websites. The best performing videos speak to the user rather than at them.

Videos allow your user to feel more informed and confident in their purchase – having almost direct contact with someone who works for the brand increases confidence in the product and/or service.

5. Trust Seals

Not a seal you can fall back on; a trust seal is granted by an entity to websites or businesses for display. By incorporating a trust seal on your website can increase conversion rates, but the actual statistics are hard to come by.

Rather than installing a seal for pure visual security benefits, choose one that is backed up by a guarantee to the consumer.

6. Use Power Words

Powerful action words include “get”, “feel” and “have”. They’re considered strong, compelling words because of their active tone as opposed to “imagine having”, “imagine feeling” and so on.

The use of action orientated words in your offer places the customer in a pivotal role as the one receiving the benefits as opposed to sampling imagining them.

7. Avoid ‘Cookie Cutter’ Site Templates

Often people are mistaken in thinking that a cookie cutter, “all-the-work-is-done-for-you” means that all the work is done for you. When it comes to quality sales lead generation, you should avoid these like the plague. Instead, invest in the best possible website you can afford. And make sure that the page’s purpose is instantly clear – have your designer tailor it to generating leads rather than looking pretty.

Having a well-designed site also increases trust and customer confidence levels when shopping online.

8. Know Your End Goal

With sales lead generation, think of the end before you even begin. What does ‘lead’ mean to you? Defining this will make your testing and analytics goals even clearer. Consider what actions you want your user to take during their journey through the sales funnel. Is a lead someone who fills out a form? Or is it someone who signs up for emails? Requests a callback? Blatantly says “I’m interested”? clearly define your starting point and you’ll have a much easier time adjusting your conversion goals accordingly.

9. Don’t Be Afraid Of Whitespace

Or negative space, depending on what your background colour is! Keeping a website uncluttered as a design can have a massive impact. By allowing your content, photos and CTA’s to breath, you can increase your lead generation. When you place content, photos etc, for no other reason than to fill space, it distracts your customers and may lower your conversion rate as a result.

Apple is really good at utilising white space and concentrating mainly on the product itself and the CTA’s.

10. Remember To Test!

Make sure you test, test, test! Determine for yourself what works for your unique situation. Number and quality of leads is a conversion factor just like any other – one which you’ll want to see an increase and improve over time.

A sales lead generation page is also a great way to test crucial design changes before applying the sitewide. Do A/B testing from one landing page to the next and you’ll be able to tell whether your lead generation efforts are paying off!

It’s important that at this stage you use the right testing and analytics software to determine exactly what’s working – with real-time data, historical timelines, trends and conversion funnels that let you segment down to the smallest details.

Testing is the only true way to know exactly what is working for you. But when designing your sales lead generation pages, keep these best practices in mind – work less and convert more!

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