26 June 2019

10 Reasons Blogging Should Be Part Of Your Content Strategy

“Content is king, content is king, content is king” … that’s all you hear, all the time, especially in marketing. But those who are saying it, are right! Content is as important today as it was when blogging first became popular. I know I’m biased (as the person writing the blog) but it really is an essential game plan to reach your audience.

For starters, you have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website.

Plus, businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

But if those two fun facts aren’t enough to convince you, here are 10 more reasons why blogging should be a part of your strategy…

1. Blogging Is One Of The Most Critical Content Marketing Tactics

52% of respondents on a recent content marketing survey agreed that blogging is their most critical content marketing tactic.

It was closely followed by email newsletters (40%), social media content (40%), then ebooks, in-person events, and webinars. Surprisingly, video was only considered vital by 30% – much lower than expected.

2. In-Depth Material; Blogging Is The Way Forward

It’s true that video is engaging, but when it comes down to providing your potential customers with in-depth, useful information, long-form content (that’s 2000 words or more) performs systematically well.

This is especially important according to Google, because up to 10% of user’s daily information needs, involve learning about a broad topic.

3. People Trust Blogs

Blogs are the closest thing you’ll get to a human angle of your business. Potential customers go there to find out if you’re credible, what kind of personality your business has and how likeable your brand is, what differentiates you from your competition, what your other audience’s issues and concerns are and of course, information. Your blog should be your voice.

and just another fun fact to add to our list: blogs are the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

4. Blogging Drives Traffic To Your Website

Your blog is an ever-evolving collection of articles, keywords, and expertise that any reliable search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign demands.

Research shows that 75% of users don’t scroll beyond the first page of search results.

So being on the first page of Google results is really important. The more you feature in search engine results, the more traffic you can get to your website. That’s where using keywords and blogging – it helps you get there!

SEO survives on words. It’s the industries oxygen.

5. Blogging Encourages Inbound Links

Businesses who blog receive 97% more links to their websites than those who don’t. That’s an impressive statistic!

Inbound links (the hyperlinks that go back to your site) are imperative to the success of any website. They’re the roots of the internet, because high-quality backlinks from a variety of sites, give your website a higher rank in search engine results. The more knowledge you share, the higher the chance of you getting those inbound links.

6. It Gets Results

Just under 55% of bloggers report that they get positive results from blogging. 30% of them go as far as to say they get strong marketing results.

Which means most bloggers see a return on their investment.

7. Blogging Is Better Than Social

Ooft, strong words indeed. Interacting with your customers doesn’t have to be exclusively on social media. Your blog offers a great opportunity for you to start discussions with your readers.

You can do this by;

  • Having an open comments section. This will allow your audience to comment and give feedback on the blog posts themselves.
  • Encourage your visitors to share posts they like. Get your visitors to share on social media or email friends and colleagues.
  • Link to forums. If comment sections aren’t a viable option, then linking to a forum enables peer-to-peer discussions on related topics.

8. It's Essential For Successful Social

Blogging and social media used to be two different entities; one, crafted from long, serious content and the other, social media, was short and less serious.

No longer is that the case. Now your blog informs your social media posts! You promote your blog on social media, enriching your followers’ experience with articles and other content.

Without a blog to promote on social, you’re missing an opportunity to drive high-quality engagement with your audience.

9. Blogging Kicks Advertising To Kerb

Your blog functions as your advertising, only better! Most people use a company blog to find out more about the business.

Research shows that people are very averse to internet banner ads, so much so, that they’re more likely to climb Mount Everest than click on it.

10. It Knocks You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Blogs have evolved from writing bits of news acting as a company mouthpiece to full-blown stories; transparent, candid and informative.

Blog visitors expect to find great content that provides them with valuable information. Which means blogging can knock you out of your comfort zone.

Our Conclusion

Even if you’ve been blogging for years, and your blogs ranking… don’t give up on it yet! Make sure it’s part of your strategy and concentrate on producing in-depth, valuable content.

If you want someone to look after it for you instead, get in touch by filling out the form below…

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