1 March 2019

Contentful: Manage Content Better With Infrastructure

When people think of Content Management Systems (CMS), you can safely assume their first thought would be WordPress – and for good reasons too! It’s been around for over ten years and has come leaps and bounds from just being a ‘blog’. But most importantly, it has a huge userbase and a passionate developer community – including us! We love WordPress, so you’re probably wondering why we’re mixing it up a bit with a new ‘CMS’, Contentful that has a growing user base (but still a passionate community) – and have become a Contentful partner.

All companies, whether they’re a digital agency like us – or a company that sells chairs specifically to churches – are undergoing digital transformations in order to remain competitive and survive. Whether your company is new, growing or evolving, the success of your business can depend on the building software you use. More and more, digital experiences are becoming the main driver of brand engagement, revenue generation, customer engagement and many other goals that determine the success of a business. So, your organisation needs a CMS that can support those goals.

With this new-found digital transformation, many organisations have found themselves solely dependent on traditional CMS’s and much to the detriment of the organisation – how they have to work around them, not with them. There comes a point when you realise that CMS’s are far from optimal in a software-first, app-centric world; especially as the need to produce digital experiences and products is paramount.

Content Infrastructure

Luckily for us, Contentful isn’t really a CMS; it can do everything a traditional CMS can do, but it’s more of a ‘Content Infrastructure’. It enables digital teams to power websites, apps, and other online/onsite digital products and experiences including personal assistants and even smart refrigerators who don’t understand HTML. It offers a place for structured content, powerful management and delivery APIs, and a customisable web app that developers and content creators can use to distribute their products faster.

Because Contentful is API-centric, it means our developers get your data in and out of the Contentful platform using the restful API’s – this makes it headless and a decoupled solution for managing content. This means that the application architecture allows each component to perform its tasks independently, so they remain completely self-contained and unaware of each other. A change in one service shouldn’t require a change in the other services.

Take their images API for example – you can use it to get images into your apps, but you can also use it to resize, crop, change the background colour and convert them to different formats in a programmatic way. A small, but a significant problem that many people have come up against, simply solved by Contentful. Some CMS’s just weren’t designed to support the speed and flexibility to integrate things such as chatbots and mobile applications, devices like virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) hardware, and digital products with agile software principles at their core.

Not only that but it also offers developers the ability to easily integrate the delivery of content into any modern technology stack. Programming languages and software and tools can work together to create a digital product or solution. Websites and applications can be built faster due to its modular, service-orientated architecture and even programmes that are incorporated by a larger technology platform can all be integrated.

When it comes to getting content out there, content infrastructure helps make the lives of developers and content creators easier by offering flexibility, speed and scalability. It means that you can effortlessly expand digital portfolios to meet market demand and editors can create pages and update content in real-time, without bothering developers. All of this in a centralised, flexible platform.

As well as that, this solution is a fully-managed service, giving you peace of mind to leave building and maintenance of the content infrastructure to the experts (like us!) and letting your team focus on their main goals.


A Contentful Partnership

But what really drew us into becoming a Contentful Partner is that it’s truly at the epicentre of a digital transformation. Contentful is a mission-critical layer of the modern technology stack that is being built to power today’s digital experiences. We wanted to be alongside some of the most innovative agencies and organisations (such as MoneyCorp and Talk Talk) that, like us, are adopting content infrastructure as a part of their agile, microservices architecture to help prepare our own organisation and our clients for the future.

If you are considering alternatives to conventional CMS’s and would like to know more about Contentful, please get in touch via our Contact Page.