13 February 2019

Why You Need Website Support & Maintenance


Why Your Website Needs Support & Maintenance

A lot of people assume that once their website is up and running, all they need to do is occasionally add new content and that’s it, all done!

BUT (and it’s a really big but) if you just leave your website to try and run itself, it will die a very quick and painful death. Admittedly, that sounds quite dramatic; but to keep a website running smoothly, it needs to be monitored and maintained.

You might think you have time to do it yourself, after all, how hard can it be to do a couple of updates? And to be far, you probably could… if you were happy for it to become your full-time job.

As a business owner, you’re probably already doing the equivalent of two peoples’ jobs anyway. So why do one more?

First, It's Important We Clarify The Differences Between 'Support' & 'Maintenance'

Maintenance is the art of keeping your plugins and security up to date. This ultimately means keeping your website performance at its peak condition.

Support encompasses tasks like having additional landing pages or extra functionality at the click of a button.

Now that’s cleared up, let’s run through the Why you need support and maintenance.

Updating Websites

Websites are complex and intricate and updating them takes a lot more than simply pressing an ‘update’ button once in a blue moon. They need to be constantly monitored to ensure that certain parts of the site are compatible with any and all necessary updates. Plus, you need to be able to sort the optional updates from the necessary ones, for example, if you chose to update your WordPress theme and it renders the current one useless – would you know how to fix it?

Along with software updates, there are many other areas that may need updating such as themes, plugins and scripts. Many of these updates would need to be checked for manually and would ideally be performed by a web developer who has the competence to perform such tasks. There may be a problem for which a developer would need to go into the back end and correct some broken code.

And, before you ask, these updates do need to be done. If they are left unaddressed, it poses significant risks to the performance and security of your website, meaning you could be losing customers, or worse – your website could be hacked. If you’re lucky enough that it doesn’t get hacked, you also need to be thinking about your user experience and how it feels to use your website from a clients view.

Performing Back-Ups

Not the dancing kind… if you’re organised, you might already have a back-up process in place but if you don’t already have one, stop reading this article and go get one right now.

We’re serious. They’re a vital part of regular maintenance and if you don’t have one and a virus hits, you’re stuffed. However, if you do have a back-up and get hit by a virus, you can just roll on back to the previous back-up, *phew*

But before you go scrambling away to get a back-up, a lot of site owners overlook the integrity of back-ups, especially if they have no tech background whatsoever. You might be having a jolly old time downloading your back-up but when it comes to using it, it could be corrupted. By having a company (such as us, or any of our equally competent competitors) do it for you, you can be sure that we only use trusted software that we’ve used a million times before.

"Security, Please!"

Just like most company buildings, shops, Justin Bieber etc… a website needs constant security monitoring. This includes firewall, malware, hack detections and of course, fixing any problems that might present themselves.

As I was writing this article, one of our developers was doing some standard support for a client’s site, when he noticed that if he clicked on a certain link, it took him to a completely different website. Their website had been hacked and luckily our developer had noticed it before any real damage was done.

Even with updated software, a hacker might still find their way in and the best way to counteract this kind of attack is by having regular, managed and monitored maintenance. The sooner the hack or virus is found, the quicker the issue can be fixed, and the less damage is done.

Again, just like most company buildings, shops, Justin Bieber’s hotel room… a website needs a clean-up afterwards! Cleaning up after a malware infection or a hack can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It might be as simple as using the back-up or it could be anything from finding alternative plugins and themes to having to recode the site.

Performance Issues

Your site might seem like its performing well, but are you sure it’s at its best? Have you considered how it might be performing during uptime and the general site performance? By having your website monitored, your digital agency can perform general web maintenance and uptime monitoring. If you’ve changed the design of the entire site, you might find any part of your site is resulting in 404 errors.

By keeping an eye on your site and regularly checking for performance issues, your site should stay running pretty smooth. If pages are loading slowly. It could cause the site rank and traffic to drop significantly. If your site is randomly down, it’ll put visitors off from visiting the site again as it’s lost its integrity.

Like I mentioned before, running a website is a full-time job. You need monitored maintenance and support and working with a company like us, is usually your best option. We can give you all the support you need, fix problems before you may even know they exist and give you the peace of mind you need, so that you can focus on running your business.

Our Support & Maintenance Packages

Our Support & Maintenance packages are extremely flexible, and we give you full control of the amount you want to pay, which can be increased or decreased by your command at any point. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

To enquire learn more about website support & maintenance, please enquire from our website support service page.

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