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As a specialist finance marketing agency, specialising in fund management companies, insurance & wealth management, we sent four of our team up to the City of London to complete a two-day course on ‘Understanding the Business of Retail Investment Fund Management Companies’ to help with our understanding on one of our client’s businesses, and how finance marketing can work.

We work with Woodford Investment Management – one of the UK’s most experienced equity income companies. Their fund aims to deliver positive capital return while growing income. In the period since Woodford was established, assets under management have grown steadily to £17.8 billion (source: Northern Trust as of 31 May 2017), with all types of investors demonstrating belief in the Woodford team. As one of the highest-profile investment companies in the UK, their website gets regular high volumes of traffic with potential investors and the national media checking out their take on world affairs and monthly portfolios. For Woodford, it is really important to make sure their website looks great, is easy to use and gets across as much information as possible accurately and without overwhelming the customer. Although we have been working in the Fintech industry for a few years now, we felt it was important to truly brush up on our knowledge of finance terminology.

The Main Topics Of The Course Were

  • Understanding the regulatory environment within which retail investment funds, their managers and service providers operate
  • Be aware of different retail fund structures and their operational implications
  • Comprehend key international and domestic trends and the impact of ‘wrappers’, taxation and accounting policies on retail funds
  • Understand the mechanics of marketing, distributing, managing, and administrating retail investment funds
  • Be aware of the connectivity of the business and influences on profitability.

The two-day course was run by Cadogan Financial Limited, who have over 40 years’ experience in this field. It was supported by The Investment Association who is the trade body that represents UK investment managers. They have over 200 members who collectively manage over £5.7 trillion on behalf of clients in the UK and around the world. So, this course meant business.

The team were joined by one of Woodford’s Data Analysts and were amongst people who work in global banking and investment firms; we were the only Digital Agency there.

I found the 2-day course a good overview of the workings of a Fund Management company which I have managed to link back to my conversations with the Woodford team over the last 3 years. It’s enhanced my knowledge of KIIDs, Nav prices, the performance analysis of funds and the importance of accurate marketing.

Keiron Roberts

With our day-to-day involvement with Woodford Investment Management and our expertise in the finance industry we believe we are a strong candidate for Fintech firms looking to enhance their online marketing.

If you are a Financial Services business looking for astute marketers in your space, please get in touch!